Surgio Health partners with hospitals to create smarter, safer sterile processing services.

Sterile Processing Department’s are the lifeblood of their Operating Room’s; constantly in motion, under pressure, and prone to high employee turnover and compromises in quality assurance. Surgio is on a mission to expose the invisible threats to patient safety and deliver actionable insight to a department that has historically been overlooked, unmeasured, unsupported, and underestimated.


Let Surgio help you build a better SPD.


Surgio is the only comprehensive solution for central sterile services department (CSSD) on the market. From third-party vendors to the operating room and back, Surgio tracks it all.

Interdepartmental management hub governing real-time asset tracking, process and workflow (SPD/CSSD/OR)

Bring total visibility to your Sterile Processing Department with the automated tracking of vendor, consigned, and hospital-owned surgical trays.

Digital management of vendor loaner and consignment surgical instrumentation trays (HIPAA-compliant and EHR integrated)

Solve the complex problem between vendors, sterile processing and the operating room to increase preparedness and mitigate risk.

Automated, electronic billing eliminates the fax machine.

Stop relying on antiquated systems and make your billing process more efficient for your vendors.

Cloud-based eLearning platform for SPD/CSSD competencies and compliance (AAMI)

Consistent training and real-time competency documentation ensures best practices by all staff members.

Actionable data creates a catalyst for transformation (safety, quality and cost)

Robust data metrics create an opportunity for hospital leadership to make data-driven decisions based on real-world information.

Automated RFID technology helps mitigate the risk of process breakdown

Reduce the potential for critical workflow breakdowns while monitoring surgical tray utilization using RFID technology.

Risk Level Assessment

Lack of visibility into the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) brings risk to your hospital in a number of ways.

Where is the risk?

Insufficient documentation and monitoring of quality assurance measures

Inability to assess and stay up to date on SPD manager and staff competencies

Little to no accountability of 3rd party vendor representatives

Insufficient or incomplete audit trail

Unbalanced FTE scheduling

Delayed or canceled surgical procedures due to missing or unavailable surgical instruments

The Surgio Suite

Comprehensive documentation using visual touchpoints and RFID monitoring

Ability to continually train staff to competency using powerful eLearning platform

Process resequencing for stakeholder alignment to ensure oversight

Data integration and standardization

FTE forecasting models

Inventory optimization and surgical instrument tracking that brings control and efficiency

Vendor Management

Increase case preparedness by implementing best practices for third-party vendors.


Surgical Tray Management

Drive efficiency and accountability for vendor, consigned and facility-owned surgical trays.


Surgio is always working.

Surgio Health is monitoring your Sterile Processing Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; exposing the invisible threats that jeopardize your primary mission of patient safety. Surgio protects your hospital as you protect your patients.


Track and visually document the movement of your instruments at QA checkpoints using next-generation technology.


Start seeing the bigger picture and the smallest details of your SPS to bring transparency and actionable data for improvement.


Redefine your best practices to drive sustainable, repeatable processes at your facilities.


Strengthen data quality and standardizations while improving efficiency for staffing models and tray workflows.


Put the most factual data possible in front of hospital leadership to create initiatives for improvement and incentivizing staff.

Featured Product

Surgio Educate is the new way to train your staff.

Surgio’s eLearning platform provides fully-customizable training modules and real-time competency documentation to ensure best practices by all staff members. Train to competency, 100% of the time.

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