What does every SPD have in common?

The stakes are high and the invisible threats are always lurking.

The Surgio Difference

Sterile Processing Services (SPS) are the lifeblood of the OR’s they support; constantly in motion and under pressure to respond to OR needs at a moments notice. One misstep in workflow could lead to a sentinel event that can be detrimental to a hospital, their system, and worst of all: the patient. Unfortunately, many hospital leaders and stakeholders lack the experiential knowledge and financial resources to support this non-revenue generating department, failing to recognize its critical nature until it’s too late.
Enter Surgio™ — a managed software solution that applies modern technologies to govern and measure Sterile Processing Services best practices. Surgio™ is a management hub unique to the healthcare space that brings every influencer, from manufacturer to the operating room, into alignment under one simple, easy-to-use platform. Raise the standards of protection for your hospital and the patients you serve and transform your SPS from a necessary cost center to a department that positively impacts the healthcare value equation.
Transforming Surgical Logistics

Elevate your standard of protection