Surgio Manufacturer

Surgio Manufacturer

Simplify your decision making with an all in one solution that brings visibility to every department for every device.

Inventory tracking

Lost Inventory Costs the Medical Device Industry Millions Each Year

Surgio provides synchronized tracking with a traceable path for all implant and instrument inventory from manufacturer to distributor to hospital and back again. Traceability includes check ins/check outs, visual documentation and accountability sign offs.

Inventory Tracking
Proactive Asset Management
Proactive Asset Management

Up to 37% of Surgical Cases are Cancelled Due To Missing or Incorrect Assets

Once a case is scheduled, Surgio instantly notifies all responsible parties for implants, instruments, product specialists, etc, of the case specifics and details ensuring on time arrival of all assets and personnel.

Mitigate Risk

Expired Products that get Implanted into Patients Cause Headaches for Everyone.

Surgio helps prevent expired products from being implanted as it proactively monitors in-field inventory through product lot tracking, surveillance and alert notifications.

Risk Mitigation
On-Time Payments

What are Inaccurate and Incomplete Bill Sheets Costing You?

Surgio offers a consolidated platform with a 360 view of the sales process from the time a case is scheduled to when the surgery charge sheet is submitted through to payment notification bridging the gap between surgical cases and revenue realized.

Keeping it simple for reps distributors manufacturers accountants everyone

  • Keep track of your surgeries and organize your schedule. 
  • Centralized information location 
  • Quick reference icons for case status, PO’s collection, and replenishments 
  • Instantly notifies team 
  • Links Case from Scheduling to Billing
  • Add & update case details on-the-go
  • Easily manage case processing 
  • Accurately forecast sales 
  • Peace of mind for the whole team
  • The days of paper forms and faxing/emailing are over.
  • Links Case Orders to Invoice Collection
  • Streamlined entry & processing
  • Reduces paperwork while increasing
  • Automated hospital pricing accuracy
  • Reduces costly human errors
  • Instant Invoice & Collection Reporting
  • Expedite communication and gain reliable insights
  • Dynamic field ordering, fulfillment, and tracking
  • RFID automation efficiencies
  • Simplifies operational workflow
  • Know where your product is and where it’s going, all the time.
  • Request loaners, track replenishments 
  • Optimizes inventory levels, manage backorders 
  • Expedites locating & managing complex field tray movement
  • Documents & tracks chain of custody
  • Increases logistics accountability and manage freight
  • Enhances visibility to inventory in hospitals and distributors 
  • Accurate inventory forecasting
  • Accurately tracks expiry dates
  • Monitor expiration dates to individual part and kit 
  • Strategic Advantage to Higher Margins
  • Links Performance to Success
  • Make strategic decisions based on real data in real time. 
  • Simple, actionable insights
  • Facilitates strategic selling
  • Enhances sales forecasting
  • Team visibility to performance metrics
  • Real-time reports
  • Never miss an opportunity to expand your network.
  • Links Customers, Cases & Revenue
  • Simple, fast, on-the-go data entry
  • Smart entry with past preferences
  • Robust customer profiles
  • Smart alert for outstanding tasks
  • Efficient customer communication
  • Shared team intelligence
  • Offline Mobile Capability
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Calendar Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Inventory management 
  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Billing Generation, Signature Capture and Sharing
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • P.O. Management
  • Expedite communication and gain reliable insights
  • Increased communication and planning via EHR interface
  • Reliable reporting on tray processing and documentation

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