Surgio’s inclusion of hospital-owned trays is the simple, modern alternative to the limited archaic systems of the past. With one central location to track both vendor and hospital trays, Surgio becomes a management hub providing assembly guidance, and complete tray lifecycle processing from one place.

SPD Tray Management

Track every instrument tray in one SPS management hub.

Surgio monitors all forms of hospital and vendor (loaner/consigned/owned) instrumentation and equipment throughout their lifecycle.

SPD Processing

Modernize your SPD workflow and create new standards.

Transform SPD from a necessary cost center to an OR optimization tool used to positively impact the healthcare value equation.

Surgio SPD Technology

Mitigate risk. Maximize safety.

Reduce the potential for human-error with RFID tracking technology that automates tray monitoring and critical safety measures. Power your SPD with next-generation technology that ensures accountability and sterilization best practices.

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Transform your sterile workflow with Surgio SPD.