Vendors pose a unique blind spot to sterile processing due to their ambiguous role and tribal knowledge of their products. Surgio Vendor was designed to govern third-party vendor involvement and oversight for loaner and consignment trays.


Early Vendor Case Scheduling and Deliveries

Drive efficiency in your SPD by giving vendors the ability to schedule cases early and drop-off instrument trays in advance. Optimize FTE scheduling to align with more predictable arrivals for vendor equipment.


Custom Integration with Your EMR/EHR System

EHR integration of surgical schedules promotes alignment with vendors and improves documentation and data validation opportunities.

surgio vendor intake stations

Simple changes. Big results.

Vendor tray contents are documented and photographed for future reference at common entry points called Vendor Intake Kiosk*. Built-in requirements for quality assurance checks remind and document staff adherence to best practices.

*Kiosk requires camera, computer, and label printer.

Surgio Vendor Intake Steps


Schedule Case

Link to EMR Schedule and provide an estimated tray delivery date.


Document Tray Information

Take image(s) of tray via webcam, document levels, weight, etc.


Print Tray Labels

Apply to tags that will be attached to tray throughout tray processing cycle.


Pick Up Equipment

Upon completion of washing cycle, Vendor knows when to pick up tray(s).


Vendors Access to Scheduled Cases

Easy-to-use Vendor dashboards provide latest information regarding scheduled cases and instrument tracking. Vendor consigned trays are similarly managed in Surgio™ requiring hospital-determined QA checks to allow processing.


Quickly Visualize Case Readiness by Tray

Vendors see when trays have been received and OR & SPD staff gain quick and simple access to vendor information (included with label) allowing for better turnaround times.

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